Draft Kings – Featured Merchant

The popularity of websites like Draft Kings is simply out of control. We have noticed a considerable uptick this year in volume for Draft Kings and its competitors (like FanDuel). It has increased in popularity over the past few years but the growth this year is mind boggling.

And you can see just how much it has hit the mainstream as Draft Kings is now able to offer a weekly $2.2 million prize from a single game. That’s unbelievable!

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The appeal is understandable. Regular season long fantasy sports is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and like most great things, people eventually will find a way to make it even better and innovate. Introducing Draft Kings!

There aren’t many players in this niche. From what I gather, there’s only two main websites that have garnered attention and generated traction. The first is Fanduel, a website that appears to be positioned as the largest in the category. However, DraftKings.com is growing and may eventually catch up to rival Fanduel. My feeling is that Fanduel will retain #1 status but DraftKings is making an aggressive move to cut into market share.

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The increase prize pool has helped steer growth towards DraftKings.com. When you can become a millionaire from a $27 entry fee, you’re bound to get a lot of sign ups. DraftKings offers skill based games to people who want to play for free, pay minimal entry fees ($1-$2), and those who want to play high stakes. The $27 entry, I would say, if for medium to advanced skill players. If you’re a beginner, I would suggest staying with the freebie or single dollar games.

The natural inclination is to go ahead and try to win the big prize. But so are about 90,000 other people. So we recommend starting out slow in order for you to get the hang of it. Once you’ve mastered the intricacies of daily sports contests, you’re ready to tackle the tournament style contests that allow for such high payouts.

See what happens when two contestants get together and vie for the $1 million dollar prize last year. The reaction is priceless.

Visit DraftKings.com today to sign up.

Visit DraftKings.com today to sign up. Low entry fees are available (and recommended for starters). Do your research, choose your players, and fine tune your skills. And hopefully, you’ll rank in the top 10-15 percent to take home some bacon.