Amazon is one of the most famous online stores in the world. They were one of the first to pave the way for other e-tailers and have shown to be popular with shoppers in the US and overseas. We love Amazon because of its competitive pricing and strong business ethics.

In recent years, Amazon has introduced a secondary marketplace where the general public can sell products via Amazon. This has opened up a whole new world for the consumer. You will now be able to find virtually anything on Amazon. For our readers, you would probably be interested in something like this (I mean how cool is that for tailgating or simply for your backyard – if you’re a Seahawks fan, that is).


We also love and I mean love their Amazon Prime program. For those not familiar, Amazon Prime gives customers free 2 day shipping on any eligible product (think of how much you save on super heavy items like refrigerators). Amazon Prime is available for $79 per year. If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper (or if you’re new to Amazon but think you’ll be making a lot of purchases on Amazon), you should definitely consider joining Prime.