Highster Mobile

Hello and welcome to the Highster Mobile review. Before we begin, we must let you know that we received compensation from Highster Mobile for this published report. Having said that, we try our very best to ensure an impartial assessment of the features and benefits of this software.

So what exactly does Highster Mobile do?

Well, ask yourself these very questions. Have you ever wondered what your kids are doing on their smartphones? Are they talking to people they shouldn’t be talking to? Are they being cyber bullied on social media? Or are they supposed to be at Jane’s house only to be at a raging party across town? No matter what you need it for, you can use Highster Mobile to track texts, calls, location, and more. It comes in handy to make sure your kids are safe and sound.

Beyond kids, you can also use it to monitor employees to ensure that they are in compliance with your workplace protocols. A prominent feature of Highster Mobile is that you are able to record every single call that is dialed by or received by the target phone. In addition to this, Highster Mobile will email a file containing the recording and will also provide information about each call including:

– The date of the call
– The time the call was recorded
– The size of the audio file

The same type of tracking works for text messages and location tracking as well.

View more features and try out the demo at Highster Mobile.