Host Monster

HostMonster has successfully been providing hosting solutions to both business and personal websites since 1996. They offer unmatched quality services in terms of technical and customer support as well as the most enticing and leading set of features.

They have a seemingly reliable and credible track record as they offer maximum guaranteed uptime, quality equipment, secure and reliable back ups, an affordable price structure and much more.

Overall, HostMonster provides awesome prices and reliable service. Technical support is top notch which is important for web hosting because you never know when issues will arise. We’ve dealt with other web hosting companies who haven’t been as customer friendly and let’s just say it’s not a pleasant experience when your website is down due to server issues and you can’t get a hold of anyone at the hosting company. HostMonster is extremely customer service oriented. We’ve literally called at 3am (multiple times) and someone is always there to pick up and help us out. That in itself deserves two thumbs up!

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