Hyper Wear Sports

Whether competing under the lights on a Friday night or powering through your own personal training, top level performance is key. The versatile line of Hyperwear products is there to help you perform at the highest level on any stage, while allowing you to reach your fitness and strength training goals.


Leave the opposition in the dust on game day. Weighted vest training in the Hyper Vest® PRO. The most effective, popular and durable weight vest available, the Hyper Vest PRO is strategically designed to hold weights firmly and comfortably to the core. Men’s Health called it the best weight vest and our customers include professional and college football teams as seen in ESPN magazine. It can be worn during training on or off the court, the field, or the pitch—from weight room conditioning to full-speed drills. Crossfit athletes love the way our weight vest holds tight to the core during box jumps and can be quickly taken off and put back on during exercise sets.



Build strength to shed a block and increase grip strength for improved accuracy and precision with one dynamic tool—the patented SandBell®, a safe and durable, neoprene sand-filled bag. The SteelBell®, big brother of the SandBell®, is engineered for power and packs a much bigger punch. Shock athletes with unpredictable shifting movements via a steel shot filled core; congruently challenging muscle strength and stability. The ultimate in battle ropes, the SandRope provides the dual advantage of weight resistance and stability challenge for high-intensity training. Keep your athletes safe from injury by reducing the risk of injury from a dropped weight.



Wear your Hyper Vest® in interval training and in place of other resistance equipment such as bands and chutes for sprint training. Your core is key to performance and your SandBell® or SteelBell™ is your best tool for functional core work. Endurance? Gain the edge by precooling your core with the Hyper Vest® COOL.Swimming? Yes, you can wear a Hyper Vest® PRO for resistance training in the water to build strength and endurance and improve performance. Start out with flippers on and swim short intervals. Land-based training? Your SandBell® or SteelBell™ will be your favorite arm, shoulder, and core workout equipment that you can even use poolside unlike medicine balls, dumbbells and kettlebells. Wear your Hyper Vest during your land-based training too.



The SandBell design allows many of the exercises [done] with a barbell or dumbbell, but also … what other traditional pieces of equipment cannot—be thrown in any direction imaginable. This allows you to take the traditional lifting patterns (cleans, squats, presses, etc.) and add vectors never before possible. – Todd Wright, University of Texas Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach

A colleague of mine turned me on to www.HyperWear.com a few months ago and I immediately gravitated towards their HyperVests and Sandbells. And I love using them! Why wouldn’t I want to share that? If people like my stuff, I hope they share it with others!- Alan Stein

The Hyper Vest PRO weight vest just works best. Overloading real movement in practice results in gains in speed and power output when it counts.- Kevin Yoxall; Auburn University Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, 2010 Football Champions

We do just about everything with SandBells. We do farmer’s walks rotational twists or throws. We’ll do chest passes, which is the same as the basketball chest pass. Overhead throws, where you have the weight extended overhead and you take a step forward, squeeze through the abs, and then torque your upper body and throw. But probably our best move is the slam. It’s something I don’t think a lot of people are doing.- Jeff “Mad Dog” Madden; University of Texas Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

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