Identity Edge

IdentityEdge provides peace of mind to members through services that integrate and harness the power of the most advanced business information resources and people to protect, alert, and personally assist members in the event of problems stemming from identity theft.

Identity theft is one of the largest growing crimes. Unfortunately, identity theft represents a trend for which there is no end in sight. In its last report on this topic (published in 2008), the FTC indicated that identity fraud is the fastest growing and most frequently reported crime. It has been at the top of the FTC’s complaint list for six straight years and represented 26 percent of the 1.2 million complaints filed in 2008.

Much attention has been given to the issue of identity theft in recent years. And for good reason: annual consumer cost of the fraud related to identity theft is estimated at $31 billion, with worldwide business fraud expense topping $221 billion according to The Aberdeen Group.

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